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Harsig's Signalling Page 

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24th March 2020

Harsig's Signalling Page

 Piccadilly Line 

A selection of diagrams showing the signalling arrangements for sections of the Piccadilly Line at different times throughout its history.

Piccadilly Line 1931   Piccadilly Line 1931
These diagrams show the signalling arrangements on the original section of the Piccadilly Line between Finsbury Park and Hammersmith as it was in mid May 1931. By this stage some track and signalling alterations had already been carried out in connection with the forthcoming Piccadilly Line extensions, particularly at the western end of the line. To highlight some of these changes some sections of the line are also shown as they were in 1907.
District And Piccadilly West   West Kensington to Hounslow West and South Harrow 1933
A large diagram showing the signalling on the west end of the District and Piccadilly Lines between West Kensington and Hounslow West/South Harrow, excluding the Richmond Branch, in 1933. Make sure you zoom in to see all the detail.
Uxbridge Branch   Uxbridge Branch 1949, 1975, 1994, 2018
A series of diagrams showing details of the signalling along the Uxbridge Branch of the Metropolitan Line & Piccadilly Lines in 1949, 1975, 1994 & 2018. You will need to zoom in to see all the detail.

Most of the diagrams are in PDF format and to open them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this it can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.

Harsig's Signalling Page